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TrueERP Software
TrueERP Software
True ERP is a fully integrated and customizable business management system for organizations of all sizes. Serving thousands of customers worldwide for two decades, True ERP helps reduce company costs and data entry while increasing efficiency. Data only needs to be entered once, and it is updated in real-time across all channels.True ERP contains several different features to help streamline processes. The system’s accounting feature provides charts and graphs through Real Time Reporting, so users instantly gain access to graphical representations of data. The customer relationship management module helps sales teams track responses, document customer histories, and even generate customer satisfaction reports. Through the program’s Electronic Data Integration (EDI), files can be imported and exported in virtually any format from anywhere, and the system can also integrate directly with Google Analytics. Managing inventory correctly is crucial to maintaining costs, and True ERP’s inventory control feature shows current stock levels, tracks volume prices, documents raw materials inventories, saves supplier and purchasing codes for multiple vendors, and tracks stock levels across numerous stores and warehouses.We especially like True ERP’s manufacturing module, which tracks both simple assemblies and more involved schedules with various processes and resources. Users access at-a-glance jobs to see what is on-line and upcoming at any given point, and the manufacturing module is directly connected to the purchasing feature, so purchasing managers are instantly notified of inventory that is required for upcoming manufacturing stages.We recommend True ERP to businesses of any size, from SMBs to enterprises, with up to 500 employees. The system is available in both web-based and server-based formats and is a great fit for wholesalers, construction firms, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.
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