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Adaptive IoT PlatformAccelerated IoT Solutions, Insightful Real-Time Data, Cutting-Edge Digital TransformationsuBeac is a versatile IoT platform for centralized digital transformation, data integration, and visualization. uBeac’s IoT hub allows you to connect, process, and visualize real-time data in a secure way. Build an enterprise IoT solution that securely scales to millions of devices.Secure IoT platform to build or retrofit a better connected IoT infrastructure
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VitaNet Suite
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WebNMS IoT Platform
WebNMS IoT Platform
WebNMS IoT Platform is an End to End IoT Platform, buit ground up with integrated set of tools and features to enable large scale enterprise IoT deployments. The platform offers IoT functionalities right from data acquisition to end user analytics and visualization. The platform has three main capabilites being Energy Management, Remote Asset Monitoring and Fleet tracking and management.
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XKI.Cloud - IoT Management Platform
XKI.Cloud is a cloud-hosted Internet-of-Things Platform for Device, Event and User Management. Beside other advantages, the Remote Client for IoT devices comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and enables device authentication without having to write a single line of code.Remote Monitoring & Control from the Cloud Dashboard.Flexible Rules Engine for Custom Triggers & Actions.Real-Time Data Processing, Analysis & Alerting.Secure Remote Firmware & Software Updates.Remote Client with Graphical User Interface.
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