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Wonderware System Platform

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Wonderware System Platform
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System Platform empowers users with rich visualization, intelligent alarming, flexible analysis and reporting tools in addition to plug-in extension applications such as MES, workflow, quality, batch and enterprise Integration for sustainable production and operations performance improvement.

It uniquely delivers a core foundation for secure, geographically distributed supervisory SCADA applications, plantwide control systems integrations and connectivity of plant floor and remote intelligent sensors into the enterprise.

System Platform is an integrated, unifying supervisory platform that is integral to business processes and systems. It serves as the single source of actionable information for operational, engineering and corporate business users.
Wonderware System Platform is extremely open and interfaces to countless hardware control and measurement devices and manufacturing systems. It allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens and extensibility while leveraging the latest IT computing technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing.

System Platform enables unique business agility by completely separating the application design environment from the execution infrastructure environment. Customers can build and test in one environment and then move the entire application to a multi-node production environment without having to modify the application at all. This saves time, lowers risk,improves consistency, and augments continuous improvements. The application design environment can even exist in the cloud enabling remote user collaboration.
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Pima County takes significant steps in preserving water source
Pima County takes significant steps in preserving water source
Pima County is facing the following challenges: - Management of more than 60 million gallons of sewage each day to support the region’s population of more than 1 million people. - To take immediate action when alarms sound alerting operators to issues within the plant The solution should be able to enable the following feature: - To ensure capture of institutional knowledge of current workforce for effective training of future operators - To employ an effective Situational Awareness strategy enabling personnel to effectively understand and address operations of the facility - With assets spread out over more than 700 miles, operational management is difficult
Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Case Study
Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Case Study
Coco Cola Swaziland, South Africa would like to find a solution that would enable the following results: - Reduce energy consumption by 20% in one year. - Formulate a series of strategic initiatives that would enlist the commitment of corporate management and create employee awareness while helping meet departmental targets and investing in tools that assist with energy management. - Formulate a series of tactical initiatives that would optimize energy usage on the shop floor. These would include charging forklifts and running cold rooms only during off-peak periods, running the dust extractors only during working hours and basing lights and air-conditioning on someone’s presence. - Increase visibility into the factory and other processes. - Enable limited, non-intrusive control functions for certain processes.
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