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WolkAbout IoT Platform 2.0

WolkAbout  IoT Platform 2.0
Platform as a Service
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Use proven technology to rapidly develop powerful IoT applications and control your own business ecosystem.

WolkAbout IoT Platform is the “heart and brain” of an IoT solution which integrates any device, transforms real-time readings into meaningful data and combines different devices and services into a complete IoT solution.

Intuitive Setup and Usage

“Easy setup” approach and visual IoT tool enable engineers to manage Platform functionalities through simple clicks and drag & drops.

Platform as a Product

Customers are the sole owners of the bought instance of the Platform, which gives them the highest level of independence, as well as full data ownership and control over scalability and security.

Developers Support

Full transparency for the customers engineering teams with documented connectivity and web APIs, available open source libraries, SDKs and code examples.

Deployment Options

Full freedom of deployment means that customers can choose whether to deploy WolkAbout IoT Platform in the private or public cloud, or on premises.

Radical Pricing Model

A lifetime licence for the whole feature set enables customers to scale without additional costs or complex calculations (paying per device, per message, etc.).

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