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Valarm's free basic cloud tools allow you to view the location and remote sensor / telemetry information of your Valarm Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices in real-time. Scroll through the history to see previously recorded locations and sensor information of your business's assets. Use this free mode to test devices with Valarm Tools Cloud integration, and see how well the service works for you.

Valarm Tools Cloud gives you real-time mapping (2D and 3D with Earth Globes), graphing, tracking, historical analysis, alerting (SMS Text Messages and Email Alerts) & sensor data forwarding (see our JSON, CSV, other APIs) for any number of Valarm Industrial IoT devices.
Web Dashboards for Remotely Monitoring Fire Risk + Meteorology Sensors in Southern California

Valarm remote monitoring station is marked by a flag on the software where Valarm is collecting various sensor data and sending it to the Valarm Tools Cloud

Polygon clouds are used to distinguish areas with more immediate fire danger:
• Green - low wildfire risk
• Yellow - moderate wildfire risk
• Orange - high wildfire risk
• Red - extreme wildfire risk

Valarm remote monitoring units can be powered by an power source and send remote sensor data to Valarm Tools Cloud via any Internet connectivity.

A Valarm telemetry unit on the dashboard map will display more info and the latest sensor data from that station. At these locations, Valarm is monitoring the following environmental factors:
• Fuel moisture (for wildfire risk)
• Precipitation (rain)
• Relative humidity
• Solar radiation
• Barometric pressure
• Temperature
• Wind speed & direction

Remote Water Well Telemetry using a Real-Time Web Dashboards to see Levels and Flow Meters

Save money and time with water resource management by deploying Valarm water monitoring solutions; your organisation's water data is automatically put on a private webpage so you and your teams can view it on any device with a web browser and receive e-mail alerts.

The Valarm Web Dashboard has an Esri map showing the location of each water well with a flag icon. Other than the latest sensor information that Valarm device(s) has sent to the Valarm Tools Cloud, the dashboard includes widgets that visualise these factors:
• Water pump rate from McCrometer flowmeters (gallons per minute)
• Water flowmeter totalizer (in gallons)
• Water above sensors as reported by In-Situ pressure transducers
• Depth to water
• Pump headroom

Historical graphing: Use the calendar to select the historical dates to view a graph of and then select which factors you want to be visualised.

Real-Time Remote Tank Sensor Monitoring

Valarm devices are using ultrasonic and radar level sensors, along with WiFi or ethernet internet connectivity, to get real-time sensor data to Valarm Data Cloud to achieve the following:
• Cost-Effective, Solar-Powered Tank Monitoring with WiFi
• Tank Level Monitoring with Pulse Radar Level Sensors
• Remote Tank Telemetry in Real-Time
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Remotely Monitor Pollution & Gases with Alphasense Industrial IoT Sensors
Remotely Monitor Pollution & Gases with Alphasense Industrial IoT Sensors
To implement air quality monitoring of Ozone / O3, VOCs, Nitrogen Oxides / NO2, Dust Particulates, PM1, PM2.5, PM10.
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