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ThingWorx Utilities are feature-rich tools and mash-ups that enable and support the rapid deployment and adoption of powerful IoT applications.

Identify the needs of IoT initiatives and how to build applications to meet those requirements.

Remotely access, interact with, and control connected devices.

Create, edit, and execute business processes related to connected devices.

Integrate IoT applications and information with existing business systems.
ThingWorx Utilities provide device management capabilities easily used by business analysts and line-of-business users for day-to- day management of connected devices, without the need for developer skills.

IoT Capabilities for Device Management
- Out-of-the-box, pre-defined capabilities to manage and optimize the performance of connected products and assets.
- Includes utilities to provision, remotely monitor, and update connected products and assets.

IoT Process Workflow
- An environment for non-developers to create, edit, and manage business processes related to connected devices.
- Processes can be created to execute across multiple systems, initiated based on alerts and triggers, and driven by decision support rules.

IoT Integration
- Connects business processes and people with systems to share common and consistent IoT information across the enterprise.
- Provides a standard framework for creating and implementing pre-built and reusable connectors and integrating existing business systems with new IoT applications.
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Use IoT to Improve Healthcare Business Outcomes
Use IoT to Improve Healthcare Business Outcomes
Before developing an IoT solution, ICURO hit a major roadblock with its healthcare platform. Limited data sharing between healthcare providers and insurance companies impeded effective communication, resulting in frequent duplication of efforts and making it difficult for each entity to deliver better care while maintaining reasonable costs. ICURO wanted to resolve these data sharing issues, they started developing tools and systems that connect products in meaningful ways, enabling both entities to collaborate more effectively.
Reducing the Rate of Readmissions
Reducing the Rate of Readmissions
The client had limited or inefficient integration of its data sources, which made it difficult to see patients through a longitudinal lens. The client was, however, uniquely positioned to leverage the expansive patient data contained within its network of care, and set out to do so in 2012. Specifically, they wanted to improve the outcomes of patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) through improved care management with goals of reducing readmission rates, better managing patient cholesterol levels, and better managing patient blood pressure. Specifically, the regional healthcare provider was interested in implementing a machine learning platform, that quickly automates complex analytical processes and integrates powerful information into existing applications and portals.
Delivers Seamless Scalability to IOTATOI
Delivers Seamless Scalability to IOTATOI
IOTATOI is a division of Power Agent Systems that has developed an edge server called the Universal Monitoring System (UMS). IOTATOI is using UMS as an edge tier data collector to monitor backup battery arrays in manufacturing, mines, and chemical plants. This experience with battery backups led IOTATOI to expand the system to any condition that can be monitored by sensors such as vibration, heat, temperature, and flow. IOTATOI found they needed to move from their original middleware to something that would allow greater scalability and to also present information in a much broader way allowing them to dynamically look at the information and perform benchmarking analysis, feeding the data into analytics engines and creating a much more actionable view.
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