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ThingWorx Foundation enables developers to rapidly connect, create, and deploy breakthrough applications, solutions, and experiences for the smart, connected world.
ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It empowers developers to connect, create, and deploy breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences.
ThingWorx Foundation connects to all of the ThingWorx components, providing a simplified, seamless approach for developers to create comprehensive IoT solutions.

The ThingWorx Foundation Core includes the following:
Application Enablement Platform (AEP): Composer, Model Runner, Integration, Mashup Builder
Platform Services: Security, DevOps

Connection Services
The ThingWorx Foundation Connection Services include the following:
Connection Servers
Device/Cloud Adapters
Tunneling Servers

The ThingWorx Foundation Edge includes the following:
Edge MicroServer
Edge “Always On” SDK
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Number of Case Studies4
LumenData Delivers Real-time Predictive Analytics through IoT
LumenData Delivers Real-time Predictive Analytics through IoT
In 2013, LumenData found itself in need of adding new real-time predictive analytics capabilities to its suite of services. To meet this need, LumenData acquired a state-of-the-art streaming data, capture and real-time predictive analytics company. This solved the pure predictive analytics end, but left LumenData with a need to be able to build IoT-targeted services. From an IoT perspective, LumenData was still missing the means to create suitable applications and dashboards that would make it easy for its customers to effortlessly make sense of whatever predictive analysis they might require.
Smart, Connected Applications Maximize Agricultural Business Performance
Smart, Connected Applications Maximize Agricultural Business Performance
OnFarm needed to move quickly to capitalize on a significant "smart agriculture" opportunity to build connected applications and dashboards that captured and monitored sensors in the field and provided actionable data back to their customers. The overall solution OnFarm determined necessary was a set of "dashboard-driven connected services utilizing an IoT backend" that would accomplish several key things: • Easily collect data from incompatible sensors via wireless networks • Provide a means to integrate, analyze, and correlate different data sets of information into easily-understood and easy-to-customize reports leading to specific actionable outcomes • Manage end-user permissions, distribute reports and business intelligence through a customizable Web interface that would include dashboards, allowing custom organization of data applicable to the business employing OnFarm's suite of services
University Duisburg Launches NectOne for IoT Research
University Duisburg Launches NectOne for IoT Research
In order for the IoT to become fully operationalized, system integration of devices and data with existing businesses systems and processes is vital. In reality, many manufacturing companies like NectOne® with individual systems often find it very difficult to build and use intelligent structures between their systems. Many of the data sources as well as connected systems may be external to the business. This systems integration work can be complex and difficult to manage, but is vital to achieving business objectives. The final goal is to deliver cloud base production control.
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