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Thingplus IoT platform

Thingplus IoT platform
Platform as a Service
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Quick and Easy but Powerful Cloud Platform for all IoT services!
Highly available, horizontally scalable cloud service
Independent of cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon Web Service(AWS), Azure.
Scalable architecture coping with dramatically increasing numbers of users and things.

Virtual sensors
Virtual sensors created from external data sources can be used together with physical sensors.
Rule engine covers not only physical sensors but also virtual sensors.

B2B ready features
Business area agnostic modeling of Gateway/device/sensor
Service/site/user hierarchical management is flexible enough to diverse customer organization.
Access control to Gateways
Statistics and reporting
Billing system

Rule and Timeline
Trigger/Condition/Action based distributed rule engine
Rule results are logged as timelines notified via Text messaging, App push, email and etc.
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