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TeliaSense in action
The easy-to-use mobile app puts everything you need to know right at your fingertips. However you use your car, ownership will become smoother, easier and more convenient.
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Your high-speed 4G network is on shortly after you turn the key, providing a fast and stable internet connection - no connection sharing required. Stream movies and music or play games on long journeys. Or get work done without restrictions when you're away from your desk

Car Control
Telia Sense connects to your car's onboard computer, giving you access to important data and enabling you to control certain functions remotely. The app lets you know at a glance whether the car needs attention or refuelling. The built-in GPS shows where the car is at all times, and you can be alerted if it's moved when it should be stationary. You can also track journeys and look at driving patterns to improve fuel economy or driving safely.

Partner Services
Telia Sense enables a multitude of useful services that saves money and makes driving more convenient. Services that respond to your vehicle usage and your car's status, from car service, insurance to roadside assistance and car inspection.
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Safety First with Folksam
Safety First with Folksam
The competitiveness of the car insurance market is driving UBI growth as a means for insurance companies to differentiate their customer propositions as well as improving operational efficiency. An insurance model - usage-based insurance ("UBI") - offers possibilities for insurers to do more efficient market segmentation and accurate risk assessment and pricing. Insurers require an IoT solution for the purpose of data collection and performance analysis
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