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Our online lives are changing. Our cars, our homes and the cities we live in are becoming online. And the more we connect, the more we need to connect.

That’s where we come in. We are the backbone of the internet – and a whole lot more. We connect eyeballs to content and businesses to the cloud. And we do it with the security and performance we’re all going to need. So we can all keep focusing on possibilities.


We started building our network 1993 – and we’re not done yet. Because there’s no substitute for owning your own. Having the end-to-end control to know exactly what’s happening and the power to do something about it – before end users notice. That’s the difference our backbone makes: your end users won’t even know we’re here.


When it comes to connectivity, you can never have too much certainty. Which is why we developed our red and blue networks.

This strict separation of two geographically diverse networks delivers 99.999% reliability. And as both the red and blue networks have similar delay performance, delivery doesn’t suffer if one of them goes down.

In contrast to most carriers, we have a high level of PoP diversity. All international gateway PoPs and heavily trafficked cities have a minimum of two identical PoPs, at two different locations, to guarantee performance.


Crossings in the network are, in practice, unavoidable. But we are constantly rebuilding our network to minimize the risks.

Where red-blue can’t be applied, documented standards – aimed at resilience by design – allow for meshing and ring concepts.

Further, we try to double everything that’s feasible, including power, so if something happens it won’t affect our customers. And we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our entire system.

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