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StruxureWare Energy Operation is a flexible software-as-a-service (Saas) tool that offers scalable functionality from simple, out-of-the-box reporting to in-depth energy analytics. This intuitive tool transforms data into essential energy information to identify areas of continuous improvement and reduce operating expenses.
Distill and visualize all your data: Aggregate data from any source, tailor dashboards and delivery methods, and clearly express and visualize relevant data.

Track and optimize energy performance: Evaluate new energy opportunities, forecast energy consumption, and calculate ROI. Also analyze operating changes, track and summarize key energy data, and measure and validate savings.

Control and manage costs: Discover anomalies that are causing energy and proactively manage processes. Allocate and recover costs by process, department, or building.

Scale according to your needs: pay only for what you need. As your specifications change, Energy Option easily grow with you.

Suppot Corporate Compliance: Push energy data to your company website, or
even lobby kiosks, to share the good news and show your progress. Promote a green image and report on sustainability
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Energy accountability brings LEED Platinum certification
Energy accountability brings LEED Platinum certification
Earth Rangers was looking for partners who could donate equipment and expertise. After earning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold for New Construction certification, Earth Rangers decided to further demonstrate their commitment to reducing energy use and CO2 emissions by pursuing a LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings certification—the highest level of certification offered under LEED.
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