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Status Enterprise

Status Enterprise
Platform as a Service
Equipment & Machinery
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Consolidate and Organize Disparate Data for Real-Time Monitoring and Control
Status Enterprise collects and organizes data from hundreds of potential sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analysis. Data is collected from various locations and aggregated into an information model. The system is open, accessible by REST, OPC UA or our .NET object model. Clients can view screens from a high performance Windows client, or any mobile device supporting HTML 5 - including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop browsers.
- Information Model Based Architecture Built on OPC UA
- HTML5 Publication for Native Web and Mobile Support
- Fast, Easy, Code-Free Application Development
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Number of Case Studies5
Endeco Case Study
Endeco Case Study
Endeco needed a way to consolidate and visualize real time data from an aggregated demand site unit (DSU), an aggregation of site loads and generators which allows many sites to be combined in a virtual power plant through reduction of site loads or ramping up of generation.
ATM Ltd. Case Study
ATM Ltd. Case Study
ATM needed a modern automation and monitoring system for an urban wastewater treatment plant in Karelia. They needed a reliable system that would best meet the needs of the modern market.
A.P. Plasman, Inc. Case Study
A.P. Plasman, Inc. Case Study
The A.P. Plasman Corporation manages multiple facilities with multiple processes, and when they were looking for an automation solution for their paint facility in Tecumseh, they were looking for a solution that could restrict access, deploy easily, and provide the ability to modify the application quickly to suit changing needs.
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