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Splunk Cloud™

Splunk Cloud™
Platform as a Service
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No infrastructure, no problem—aggregate, analyze and get answers from your machine data.

Fast Time to Value

Go live in as early as two days with minimal delay and change management.

No Infrastructure Requirements

Don't waste time and resources on building a foundation—Splunk has you covered.

Maximize Limited Resources

Focus on building data automations, dashboards, reports and alerts instead of backend plumbing.

Set It and Forget It

Trigger custom actions and workflows toautomate the collection and indexing of machine data critical to your organization’s operations and performance

Build Intelligence with Machine Learning and AI

Get actionable insights with the help of smart algorithms that help you make more informed decisions. Don't waste time or resources, when you have Splunk in your corner. 

Keep Access and Control

Tiered data storage services are included with Splunk Cloud and empower you to move your data from Splunk Cloud to your own storage environment. 

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