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SMARTset Software & Hardware Solutions – Cloud, on-premise or on-device, we have the solutions you need. 

  • Data Centre Monitoring and Control
  • Power & Branch Circuit monitoring
  • Capacity Management
  • Fire Panel monitoring
  • SMARTzero cold chain monitoring
  • Telecoms monitoring
  • Energy Management System
  • SME Building Management Systems
  • Many more available including bespoke solutions – just ask

SMARTset is a state-of-the-art Industrial IoT platform that provides operational managers with the tools to connect to any equipment, sensor or element of their built environment. It can analyse data to discover insights and remotely or centrally control source equipment and sensors.

It is suitable for technical estates, data centres, communication rooms and street cabinet applications, connecting industrial built environments for SME’s or as part of a Demand Side Response initiative.

It has different modules including:

  • MONITOR - Smart Visualisation with user defined dashboards
  • ALARMS & CONTROLS - infinitely flexible alarms and controls
  • REPORTS - providing insight and analytics to the inbox
  • OPTIMISATION - Real time CFD and environmental analysis in the browser
  • INTEGRATION - extending SMARTset with plugins and widgets
  • SENSORS - Low cost wired and wireless sensor networks


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