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Saffron Technology (Intel)
IoT Application
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SaffronAdvantage™ is designed to give you connected knowledge and decision experience from multiple data sources – internal and external – with speed and flexibility.
SaffronAdvantage sits at the top of the Natural Intelligence Platform™ and gives you a wide range of solution capabilities to help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry including:

- Information discovery and sense making visual analytics - See a 360 degree view of your data. Rapid visualization of associated entities from multiple, diverse sources.
- "Find without knowing" what's in the data - Find patterns and connections. Who/what is connected or similar to whom/what? How, when, where, why?
- Analytic Methods - Connections, networks, analogies, temporal trends and episodes.
- Similarity Analysis - Who/What/Where are things similar? Have we seen this before? Find similar customers, problems, etc.
- Classification - Make experience-based, adaptive decisions; returns class rank based on nearest neighbor reasoning.
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