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Relayr’s agnostic cloud platform allows you to build connectors between any service, any sensor, any software, any hardware - Any to Any. Through our multi-protocol support, routing and API adaptors, we make it easy to securely connect to any cloud or any device. Quickly and effectively build and launch powerful applications that can manage entire factories and supply chains, or build operating systems for whole cities that manage sensors from different vendors.
Security - Secure device to cloud communication using TLS.
Latency - Data transmission and requests execute in less than 50ms.
Scalability - DevOps driven clustering structure spins out extra instances at will.

Our primary protocol for communicating with the platform is MQTT, a lightweight protocol specifically designed for M2M and the Internet of Things. Communication between devices and the relayr cloud can also be done using WebSockets or HTTP.

The core function of our cloud is to route data from devices to apps or services that will consume that data. We support multi-­tenant, multi-­device out of the box so it is just as easy to aggregate large amounts of sensor data or monitor a single data point. Because we are a manufacturer agnostic, horizontal platform, we are able to connect devices of any kind.

Our cloud does not have to be the first point of entry for devices. Most existing IoT products talk to their own server. Our architecture makes it simple to connect between different IoT clouds. We have worked together with a number of manufacturers connecting to both "open" and "closed" cloud solutions.

Data analytics is core to most visions of the Internet of Things. Our fast analytics database is an important milestone in making this happen. Our startup analytics program is simple to use and free. It gives you full access to the history of your device or group of devices, providing the results as a list, or as aggregates (MIN, MAX, AVG) over time­ constrained blocks of data.

We have fully-featured RESTful API plus real-time data channels. Standard security is handled by OAuth. However most developers are looking to deliver a return quickly, this is why we have software tools in the form of dashboards, libraries and SDKs to get them up and running quickly.
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Cisco openBerlin IoE Center
Cisco openBerlin IoE Center
Cisco IoE innovation Centers around the world enable and showcase local innovation and development. relayr had the unique opportunity to be involved in building the connected openBerlin infrastructure from the very beginning. In a building that was conceived from the outset to be completely monitored and controlled by smart systems, relayr set up the middle layer of connectivity – joining all of the separate legacy systems to allow meaningful cross-platform communication.
Unleashing Your Data From the Digital Ceiling Ecosystem
Unleashing Your Data From the Digital Ceiling Ecosystem
In the Buildings space, connecting to the data in various systems has always been difficult and complicated; controlling those systems was even harder. The number of proprietary gateways, layers of complicated technology, and disparate programming languages has made it impossible to effectively collect and analyze data or control the various systems in the building without monstrous, bloated building automation applications.
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