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Neokami Analytics
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Neokami is a fully integrated deep learning platform that brings value to your IOT data. Our team of PhDs, software engineers and scalable data analysis platform address all use cases from Computer Vision to streaming Anomaly Detection.
Computer Vision & Image Recognition
• Proprietary user-defined image recognition technology using convolutional neural networks.
• Enables visual recognition of any type of image
• Intuitive interface for monitoring results and optimising algorithms
• Easy integration via SDKs

Anomaly Detection
• Analytics layers that performs unsupervised machine learning on unstructured data to find patterns and areas of interest within the data
• Enables deeper analysis such as Predictive Maintenance
• Unlimited data streams can be analyzed
• Real-time streaming and detection using proprietary implementation of latest anomaly detection algorithms

Predictive Maintenance
• Combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to proactively predict machine failures and service outages
• Customised data and analysis models for higher accuracy and fewer false positives

Data Visualization
• Customised real-time analytics dashboards for easy interaction and manipulation of data
• Bi-directional fundamental device management
• Proprietary design emphasizing modern UX/UI best practices
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