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Loop IoT Cloud Platform
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Loop is a fast, secure, scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects your devices/machines, and helps you gather valuable insights.
Cloud Connectivity

The Loop solution can connect to a wide range of devices and applications.Be it ERP, CRM, MES or SCM. Loop can also connect to SQL, NoSQL databases. There is no restriction on the number of devices or applications that can talk to each other either.

Device Management

Loop provides a state-of-the art device management system. With Loop you can deploy, enable, disable, and upgrade devices remotely. Device firmware can be easily upgraded over the air with OTAP. Loop can also be integrated with custom APIs.

Data Security

Your business-critical information is safe with us. We do not store a single byte of your data! What we do is collect data from sensors, and transmit that data to your applications. Loop has fine-grained authentication and authorization policies. The data is transmitted over an encrypted pipe, which uses SSL and TLS.

Faster and Better

Embedded systems have limited processing power. Loop uses a communications protocol called MQTT which works well with constrained devices. MQTT offers higher throughput for the same amount of power and has less network overhead when compared with existing HTTP or HTTPS protocols.
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Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance
Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance
The customer prides itself on excellent engineering and customer centric philosophy, allowing its customer’s minds to be at ease and not worry about machine failure. They can easily deliver the excellent maintenance services to their customers, but there are some processes that can be automated to deliver less downtime for the customer and more efficient maintenance schedules.
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