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IzoT Commission Tool

IzoT Commission Tool
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Install and commission a community of devices by simply drawing your network with the integrated Microsoft Visio tool. As you draw your network, IzoT CT communicates with your devices and automatically configures them to match your drawing. To make two devices communicate, you draw a line between them. The result is a network drawing that serves as the as-built documentation for your network. IzoT CT 4.1 is the newest release of Echelon’s OpenLNS CT, adding support for native IP-70 (LON/IP) devices and interfaces in addition to classic LON devices and interfaces.

Commissions LON/IP and ISO/IEC 14908-1 LON devices with a simple graphical interface

Eliminates commissioning fees (credits) required by previous tools

Integrates Echelon’s LNS network management engine, which has been used in more than 90,000 systems to commission more than 5 million devices

Provides an open platform supporting multiple simultaneous users commissioning devices and running multiple applications from multiple vendors

Supports LON/IP and ISO/IEC 14908-1 LON compatible devices including LON/IP IP-70 and IP-852 devices on Ethernet or Wi-Fi channels, as well as LON/IP and classic LON devices on ISO/IEC 14908-2 FT, ISO/IEC 14908-3 PL, or TP-1250 channels

Compatible with IzoT CT 4.0, OpenLNS CT, and LonMaker drawings and databases

Supports IzoT Net, OpenLNS, and LNS plug-ins

Supported by hundreds of third-party applications

Includes integrated IzoT Net Server for network management

Integrates easily with third-party tools and applications with an XML file import/ export capability

Reduces network design time with support for custom shapes and automatic connection–type selection

Supports networks with up to 32,385 devices on up to 1000 channels, with each device supporting up to 4096 data points or network variables

Supports multi-channel networks with multiple LON/IP, classic LON, IP-70 and IP-852 routers

Free trial edition is available for download (requires separate purchase of Visio 2016)

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