Intel Data Center Manager (Intel) Software Intel® Data Center Manager
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Intel® Data Center Manager

Intel Data Center Manager (Intel)
Intel® Data Center Manager
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Intel® Data Center Manager is a power management solution stack for data centers. Get real-time power and thermal monitoring and management for individual servers, group of servers, racks, and IT equipment such as power distribution units.
Real-Time Power and Thermal Monitoring
Accurate power and thermal consumption data gives you the insights needed to manage your data center power usage and hotspots.

Increase Rack Density
Maximize server count per rack in a fixed-rack power envelope for increased data center utilization.

Optimize Power Usage
Optimize power profiles per server, rack, floor or workload, and application; and reduces electricity costs.

Power Through Outages
Continue or prolong operations during power outages. Business is better with shorter and less frequent outages.
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Machine Learning Helps Intel Rediscover Their Customer Demographic
Machine Learning Helps Intel Rediscover Their Customer Demographic
Intel’s sales and marketing organization strives to increase communications with resellers relating to new industry segments as they evolve and to encourage resellers to join webinars or conferences to gain a better understanding of Intel’s offerings for these new markets. Because sales and marketing teams must focus their resources on those resellers with the highest probability of generating sales, sending the right message to the right reseller helps drive value for the sales pipeline. We needed a machine-learning system to help our sales and marketing teams identify the best prospects within Intel’s large pool of resellers.
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