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Inilex, Inc. is a leading provider of global telemetry products and services that empower its customers with intelligent asset management and geo-location solutions using the latest IoT technologies available. Inilex provides mission critical hardware and software solutions that Connect, Monitor, Track and Control machines over large distances and across a wide range private and public sector industries, including:

- Automotive and Vehicle Finance
- Fleet Management and Trucking
- Terrain and Maritime Transportation and Logistics
- Equipment Leasing and Rental
- Security and Theft Recovery Systems

Inilex real-time asset management and geo-location technologies are highly customizable, integrated hardware and software solutions. Engineered to scale effortlessly with the evolving business requirements of our clients and the industry ecosystem within which they operate, Inilex solutions are powerful, feature-rich and compelling. Our user interfaces are specifically designed with simple, ergonomic visual constructs that are easy to conceptualize, learn and use, yielding a positive user-experience. Inilex global GPS and cellular telemetry solutions are engineered to promote economies of scale through efficiency by providing integrated connectivity and asset management & monitoring systems that lower our clients’ financial and liability risk, mitigate equipment losses, reduce operational costs and boost profit margins.
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API Integration
API Integration
Inilex is a leader in providing mobile location based services has to perform operations on thousands of SIM cards each day. There are always new customers that needs their SIMs activated and some require suspension of services, and similarly some would want to have their services resumed. Having all these operations performed at their own end was a challenge for Inilex. They had to design a complete CRM and billing system to perform all these operations. And because of increasing number of customers, it had to be scalable enough as well.
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