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IBM IoT Continuous Engineering
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IBM IoT Continuous Engineering helps teams keep on top of the complexity of developing smart, connected products. Running in the cloud, it helps systems engineers and software developers to deliver against requirements, respond efficiently to change and create high-quality designs faster—while controlling development costs and meeting compliance needs. Its tightly integrated tools cover the systems and software development lifecycle, including requirements management, modeling and simulation, quality management, configuration management and collaborative workflow planning and management.
The IoT Continuous Engineering platform enables several benefits:
- Satisfy customer needs: Elicit, analyze and manage requirements and maintain traceability throughout the product development lifecycle.
- Manage scale and complexity: Support teams with process-driven planning, workflow and change management and create product lines with global configuration management.
- Deliver with quality and speed: Adopt agile methods and integrate architecture and design modeling, simulation, and test and quality management.
- Improve engineering decisions: Visualize, organize and analyze engineering data to inform collaborative reviews and decision-making.
- Streamline compliance: Support your industry’s standards compliance needs and automate reporting and document generation.
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