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IBM Bluemix
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January, 2014 (5 years ago)
January, 2014 (5 years ago)
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Implementing a powerful search engine in your web or mobile app is easier than you think. Simple Search Service is an IBM Bluemix app that enables you to quickly and securely create a faceted search engine. Learn how to expose this API and bring search into your apps.
IBM Bluemix enabled the following capabilities:
- CLI and Dev Tools: Access tools, such as a unified command line interface and CLI plug-ins.
- Managing Apps: Use the dashboard in the Bluemix user interface to view and manage your apps and services.
- Administering: Manage orgs and spaces, including user access.
- Monitoring and logging: Follow application usage and data flow to get a better understanding of your deployment.
- Pricing: Estimate costs with the calculator and see actual costs with the usage details view.
- Troubleshooting: If you experience with the platform, use these troubleshooting tasks to determine what steps to take.
- Bluemix Security: Learn how Bluemix provides functional, infrastructure, operational, and physical security.
- Hybrid: Delivered as-a-service across public dedicated, and on-premises deployment models.
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IBM | Using The Cloud and Machine Learning To Enhance Customer Experience
IBM | Using The Cloud and Machine Learning To Enhance Customer Experience
Customer experience is a key competitive differentiator for airlines, and increasingly depends on digital channels. How could American Airlines meet its customers’ appetite for instant information and services?
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