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Hitachi Integrated Operations Management JP1

Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi) (Hitachi)
Hitachi Integrated Operations Management JP1
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Since its debut in 1994, JP1 has provided value that has met the needs of countless companies in many different fields and throughout several generations of technology. JP1 has always sought to optimize system operations, making it a mainstay at small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. Our customers are active in a wide variety of fields, from finance and other industries to government agencies. JP1 is continuously evolving to adapt to changing times, but one thing remains constant: our support for our customers' businesses.

1. Quality that comes from years of product development

JP1 products are developed in an environment that incorporates the technological expertise and experience that have accumulated at Hitachi over many years.

This development process results in a consistent output of high-quality products that can be applied to increasingly complex and diverse systems. Furthermore, because JP1 products of different versions can be used within the same system, administrators can easily upgrade the products in their systems in phases.

2. Strong platform and environment support

JP1 products can be used with a number of different platforms, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX; with cluster and virtualization platforms; and with cloud services. JP1's continual evolution ensures that it always keeps up with the latest trends in platform technology.

3. Full support for 10 years

Hitachi Support 360 guarantees you a minimum of ten years of support for a given product version. For example, for a server that you plan to replace every five years, you will have access to standard support services for up to two upgrade cycles. To ensure the stable operation of your systems, Hitachi provides robust support consisting of three elements: resolving problems, sharing information, and patching software.

4. Support from JP1 professionals

Get support from the more than 50,000 certified JP1 professionals in Japan. Continue to receive support after installation, such as whenever you set up or modify one of your systems. Our support personnel are available to help you build systems based on your requirements (including system scale and environment) and are available to respond to any inquiries concerning system modifications.

5. Quality and reliability that come from being made in Japan

JP1 supports operating systems in many different languages, which has contributed to its adoption in countries all over the world. To handle inquiries from all regions of the world, sales offices and support sites are present not only in Japan, but also in China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. JP1 representatives are ready to provide solid support for the operations management of your most important systems.

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