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High Volume PKI Platform

High Volume PKI Platform
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With billions of devices connecting to the Internet, security is becoming more and more of a concern. The challenge is how to address IoT security and where to get started. The answer is Public key infrastructure (PKI), which is standards-based and proven to secure devices today. With the industry’s only high scale certificate service, GlobalSign is the Certificate Authority (CA) that can deliver certificates at cloud scale to meet the security needs of IoT innovators.
Getting Started with PKI
Identity and trust are integral to IoT security. By offering every “thing” a unique identity, PKI should be the foundation of any IoT security strategy. As an established technology, you can implement PKI into your IoT ecosystem today. From a development POC to millions of devices, GlobalSign’s cloud PKI service can deliver over 3,000 certificates per second to meet the elastic and scalable security needs of IoT innovators.

Secure Device Identity
With a unique strong device identity, things can authenticate when they come online, ensure secure communication between other devices, services and users, and prove their integrity. When implementing an IoT solution or manufacturing a connected device, identity and security should be built in from the start. Strong device identity supported by PKI can enable the fundamentals of IoT security - Authentication, Encryption, Integrity.

Securing the Industrial IoT
Working closely with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and other organizations within the Industrial IoT (IIoT), GlobalSign is actively involved in test beds, frameworks and proof of concepts highlighting the importance of PKI for IoT security.
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