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Graco InSite
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Graco InSite is a data tracking and collection kit for electric and hydraulic Reactors. With Graco InSite, you can track jobsite activity in real time from your smart phone, tablet or computer, and use the data as a powerful business tool.
On the dashboard, you can see your entire fleet in real time. Colored icons show if Reactors are spraying, idling or off.

You can also...
1. Check temperatures and pressures
2. Follow spray rig locations via GPS
3. See how much material each crew is using
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Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency
Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency
Graco industrial sprayer customers needed real-time data to maximize utilization of assets and crews, to deter unauthorized use of equipment, to keep equipment in top condition, and to provide more accurate job estimates and billing statements.
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