Software ePROMIS ERP for Transportation & Logistics
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ePROMIS ERP for Transportation & Logistics

ePROMIS ERP for Transportation & Logistics
Inventory Management
Shipment Tracking
Device Management Platform
SaaS (web based)
One Time Purchase
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ePROMIS ERP is a user-friendly business sofware that provides real-time insight for the Transportation and Logistics Industry. ePROMIS ERP Software for Transportation Industry renders processes smoother, from route strategising to product delivery to sealing the deal. 

e-PROMIS has become the go-to Enterprise support given its capacity to centralise vast organizational data, as well as to isolate and showcase reports within short periods of time. It acts as an ideal data depository and optimal central work-flow monitoring tool. Furthermore, its business transparency, alerts, schedule reminder options as well as accessibility between different user tiers significantly increase its customer appeal. The ERP helps delineate the process progression across business units and helps in smooth workflow as well as maximises the productivity of the system.

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