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Endian Connect Platform

Endian Connect Platform
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 Open website

The Endian Connect Platform is the only open, end-to-end IOT platform to provide secure remote connectivity between people, things, processes (infrastructure) and networks. Our solution is built to scale from very small projects to very large, global deployments with thousands or even millions of things connected.

Endian Connect Platform - Three Key Principles:


  • Secure Connection​

    At the heart of Endian is security and our passion for this is evident in the Connect Platform. Things like industry standard encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, support for external authentication sources (like Active Directory or LDAP) and so much more. In addition, the Endian OS platform is included​ in all of the Endian components as well so you know you get the highest levels of security.
  • Easy Management

    Our goal is make secure remote access as easy as possible. Endian Plug & Connect feature which enables rapid, centralized remote deployment of field devices over the Internet. A real-time map visualization of your infrastructure makes remote access as simple as point-and-click. Integrated application support allows you to access remote resources using only a browser and works great on mobile platform too!
  • Advanced Analytics

    The Connect Platform is at the heart of connecting your users and things together which makes it even better suited to store, monitor and analyze all your big or small data components across your remote infrastructure. Build custom dashboard views to get the insight your business needs to provide superior​ products and support. The data collected forms the basis for predictive maintenance


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Number of Case Studies3
Università degli Studi di Udine
Università degli Studi di Udine
University of Udine is a college committed to the highest education standards, research, interaction with surrounding territories. The collaboration with Endian brought its technological vocation beyond the academic field to translate into a project aimed to protect and safely manage accesses to electrical and thermal control systems, access control and video surveillance.
Endian 4i and Switchboard for Instrumentation Laboratory
Endian 4i and Switchboard for Instrumentation Laboratory
Connect diagnostic equipment located in hospitals and laboratories to insecure LAN segments for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Digital transformation - Retrofitting for ... coffee machines?
Digital transformation - Retrofitting for ... coffee machines?
The original idea was about finding an easy yet effective way to demonstrate how Industrial Internet of Things can disclose amazing opportunities about networking, devices and data management.The main objective of this nerdy project was clearly to showcase how Endian solutions could be integrated with an industrial environment made up of machinery and PLCs.To achieve our goal we needed a mini-factory, which could show in real-time both a whole production process, and Endian integration with the data provided by the mini-factory itself.
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