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Deepfield® Connect

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Deepfield® Connect
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Deepfield® Connect - Asparagus Monitoring measures the ground temperature using a high precision temperature sensor, which is installed inside the mound, see picture 2. This sensor measures the temperature at different height levels: Directly below the cover as well as 5, 20 and 40 cm below it. The system records the temperatures and sends them to a BOSCH operated webserver. This server provides 24/4 access to the data through Smartphone and Tablet apps, enabling you to take the right decisions. Access to the data can also be shared with employees or consultants.
- Quality and profit rise due to accurate temperature measurements inside the mound
- Calculation of the important daily average temperatures in the mound
- The optimal start of the harvest is estimated by accumulation temperature measurements
- No manual measurements
- Understand your fields better by the data you gain
- You can share your data with your consultant
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Work with Asparagus Farmers on IoT Solution
Work with Asparagus Farmers on IoT Solution
The quality of asparagus depends heavily on the temperature of the ground in which it’s grown. To control the temperature, farmers use a two-sided sheet of foil: the black side draws in sunlight to increase the heat of the asparagus bed, and the white side reflects light to cool the bed down. In order to make the right “black or white” decision, the farmer needs to measure the temperature of every field at least once each evening.
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