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All security solutions and cryptographic mechanisms require cryptographic keys or certificates. CycurKEYS is a security server that offers the management of cryptographic keys and certificates, especially designed and implemented for automotive, industrial embedded and cyber physical system applications.
CycurKEYS addresses all weaknesses of traditional Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions by targeting devices (not users), addressing long lifecycles, and lack of devices’ connectivity to a server. CycurKEYS offers all commonly used cryptographic schemes and offers all standardized cryptographic algorithms, including RSA, Elliptic Curves, AES, and SHA.

CycurKEYS meets all requirements needed for automotive and industrial applications, for small to large deployment installations. CycurKEYS can use any enterprise installed database system that supports JDBC and, if no database is available, it comes with PostgreSQL for data storage.

CycurKEYS supports X.509 certificates as well as bare keys, provides mechanisms for user management and key/certificate revocation, and logs all actions securely for audits and forensic analysis. Asymmetric keys as well as symmetric keys are supported, and low-cost smart-cards or powerful Hardware Security Modules (HSM) can be used to protect all data (i.e. security is focused to the security modules and no unencrypted data is stored in the database).

CycurKEYS offers a variety of applications (so-called plug-ins). Available plug-ins include secure software authentication for secure flashing, secure key injection for cryptographic key injection at an assembly line, and generation as well as handling of feature activation codes. New plug-ins can be easily added based due to an easy API of the underlying cryptographic mechanisms.

ESCRYPT has deep expertise in customized security solutions and offers design, set-up, integration, and implementation of customized embedded security solutions on top of the CycurKEYS solution.
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