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Cisco TelePresence, first introduced in October 2006, is a range of products developed by Cisco Systems designed to link two physically separated rooms so they resemble a single conference room regardless of location.
With Cisco Immersive TelePresence, conduct meetings with colleagues worldwide as if everyone was in the same location. With true-to-life quality and exacting details to enhance in-person collaboration, you won't miss visual nuances.

The Cisco TelePresence products allow you to create high-quality, simple, and reliable immersive experiences. These products help enable an in-person experience by integrating:

Modern design
Simple, consistent user experiences
State-of-the-art telepresence technology
Efficiency and flexibility for ease of deployment
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Mining Firm Quadruples Production, with Internet of Everything
Mining Firm Quadruples Production, with Internet of Everything
Dundee Precious Metal’s flagship mine, in Chelopech, Bulgaria, produces a gold, copper, and silver concentrate set a goal to increase production by 30%. Dundee wanted to increase production quality and output without increasing headcount and resources, improve miner safety, and minimize cost.
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