Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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Bright Wolf Software Bright Wolf Strandz Enterprise IoT Application Platform

Bright Wolf Strandz Enterprise IoT Application Platform

Bright Wolf
Bright Wolf Strandz Enterprise IoT Application Platform
Application Enablement Platform
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March, 2009 (10 years ago)
February, 2018 (1 year ago)
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The Bright Wolf Strandz Enterprise Application IoT Platform is a set of pre-built modules incorporating insights and expertise from Industrial Controls, Transportation, Healthcare, Cold Chain Systems, Fluid Management, Agriculture, Heavy Equipment, Energy, and others. This diverse experience has yielded a modular, scalable, and secure platform running on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, designed for change and longevity and optimized for developing industrial grade IoT applications.
Proper data modeling and filtering means clean data inputs for your analytics, making it possible to extract the full value from your data. Strandz ensures that the data in your IoT system is clean and ready for consumption by your business intelligence tools and data scientists.

From the device all the way through to the enterprise backend, authentication, validation, and security are critical. Policy driven Role Based Access Control (RBAC), data point level encryption, and data point level trust are seminal design elements to a Strandz based IoT solution, not bolt on after thoughts.

The modular nature of the platform and data model allows for graceful evolution of the system over time. Technology agnosticism around device, protocol, network, OS, programming language, datastore technology, and IAAS cloud ensure a resilient system.
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Number of Case Studies4
HaemoCloud Global Blood Management System
HaemoCloud Global Blood Management System
1) Deliver a connected digital product system to protect and increase the differentiated value of Haemonetics blood and plasma solutions. 2) Improve patient outcomes by increasing the efficiency of blood supply flows. 3) Navigate and satisfy a complex web of global regulatory compliance requirements. 4) Reduce costly and labor-intensive maintenance procedures.
Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing
Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing
A potent innovator of filtration technology, the company had little experience with information technology, and no in-house expertise for bringing digital products to market. The company needed an information technology partner with deployment experience spanning industrial hardware, protocols, and the cloud to assist in their journey to becoming a connected products solution provider.
Marine and Industrial Displays by Caterpillar
Marine and Industrial Displays by Caterpillar
Caterpillar needed a flexible platform for a new generation of connected human-machine interfaces across a wide variety of industrial environments. Examples include marine, petroleum pumping, generators, custom hydraulics, mining, and rail applications.
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