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Bestmile IoT platform

Bestmile IoT platform
Platform as a Service
BestMile is revolutionizing mobility by providing the first platform allowing for the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets, regardless of their brand or type. Using cutting-edge algorithms, the platform sends optimized missions to the vehicles and seamlessly handles planning, dispatching, routing, and battery charging management. BestMile also provides both front-end and back-end interfaces for operators and passengers, such as mobile and web applications.
BestMile’s premise is that the future of mobility isn’t in autonomous vehicles themselves, but in what they can offer when they’re operated and managed collectively in an integrated ecosystem. Its platform leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicle to tackle urban mobility challenges.
Our software platform is easy to use, easy to implement and designed specifically for operators who don’t have extensive training in public transportation software. We believe fast handling of our software is key for small private sites without experience in autonomous shuttle operation.

Best in class algorithms developed with BestMile’s renowned academic partner EPFL, allow the software to optimize autonomous vehicle fleets in real-time and according to the standards of public transportation.

Give your autonomous vehicle fleet a collective intelligence –a brain– to offer end-users a reliable and efficient mobility experience.
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