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Astrata AFMS is utilized by domestic and MNC transport fleets that rely on Astrata as an integral part of their operations. Often integrating its Astrata AFMS with a customer’s other systems, the Astrata solution minimizes risks, increases efficiency, reduces costs and enhances productivity in transport and fleet operations. Users of Astrata AFMS are able to access critical and actionable information in real time via Astrata’s powerful online web interface–GLSi™–from a control centre, workstation computer, tablet and even smartphone.
Astrata GLSi displays numerous features including interactive maps, provides real-time vehicle data such as position, speed, current heading and driver identification, offering and allowing dynamic management of fleet vehicles and other assets. Via GLSi, users can easily create rules and geofenced zones based on their specific requirements, with an associated array of exception-based violation alerts. A powerful data-analytics tool, Astrata AFMS offers various data-rich reports and interactive replay tools to extract historical vehicle and driver data.
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