Partner Ecosystem Building

Leading Industrial loT Platform
We have strategic partnerships with the top integrators but there are thousands of SME integrators who do not know about our platform.
  • Position as the preferred Industrial loT platform providers for system integrators.
  • Identify 1,000+ SME integrators who specialize in our target industries.
  • Identify integrators who are willing to establish us as their preferred PaaS.
loT ONE built a database of the top Sls in EMEA, NA, and APAC and ran an engagement campaign to prioritize potential channel partners for development.
  • Build comprehensive database of qualified channel partner leads
  • Engage leads with account based marketing
  • Prioritize leads for sales channel partnerships
  • Hand off leads to partner development
  • Generated 260 qualified enquiries from 1.170 partner leads.
  • Provided a funnel report to support future targeting and proposition strategy.

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