New Venture Development

Industrial Parts Distributor
Growth is slowing in our traditional business areas but our market insight and process expertise present opportunities in new markets.
  • Deepen understanding of the competitive environment for smart factory services.
  • Unlock new service business opportunities either by building a new venture or selling software-based services to existing SaaS providers.
  • Validate a services package to sell to SaaS providers or directly to factories.
The economics of smart factory design and servicing in China were evaluated to identify the market potential for new SaaS solutions.
  • Assess the smart factory competitive landscape and value chain in China
  • Define a business model to generate new revenue from SaaS integration
  • Identify pilot partners to validate demand and refine the offering
  • Identified integration with MMS and condition monitoring SaaS as opportunities.
  • Introduced 4 potential partners to explore new joint offerings.

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