New Market Entry

loT Application Development Platform
China is a high-risk, high reward market that must be properly understood and developed systematically.
  • Develop a durable strategy to support long-term growth in China.
  • Prioritize market segments, buyer profiles, and customer use cases.
  • Convert beachhead customers in order to accelerate market development.
Market entry support enabled rapid execution from market validation to set-up to scale-up. Chinese startup founders were engaged to provide localization expertise during the first 6 months of market entry.
  • Validate the market through targeted research and a customer / partner roadshow.
  • Define market entry strategy and target market segments.
  • Develop channel partner approach and funnel.
  • After two years China has become the number 2 market globally by revenue.
  • Introduced a Chinese investor who invested $10 million in B series funding.

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