Digital Learning Expedition

Global Top 3 Cosmetics Company
Quality assurance is a consistent pain point. However, our contract manufacturers are too small to explore new QC solutions independently.
  • Support the global operations organization in preparing for broad digital transformation by engaging middle management in opportunity identification.
  • Assess the maturity of use cases with potential to improve operational efficiency.
  • Identify new technology partners with the ability to support implementation.
Participants engaged with both technology leaders and disruptive startups through workshops, site visits, and technology demonstrations over 3-4 day expeditions.
  • Scope learning objectives and build the expedition agenda
  • Facilitate rigorous and interactive 3-4 day expeditions
  • Hold debriefing workshops to identify follow-up actions
  • 125 managers from Europe, North America and APAC participated in 5 expeditions over a 12-month period.
  • Site visits to 24 technology providers lead to the deployment of 3 pilot projects.

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