Competitor Benchmarking

Fortune 500 Industrial Conglomerate
The IloT landscape is immature and evolving rapidly. We have limited insights into the competitor landscape and our relative positioning.
  • Gain strategic insight by benchmarking the loT platforms of competitors.
  • Identify alternative portfolio offerings and business model for the newly launched industrial loT platform.
  • Position the platform according to market adoption of high value use cases.
loT ONE worked closely with the client's strategy and product development teams to prioritize and benchmark key competitors.
  • Market & Use Case Prioritization
  • Competitor Research & Benchmarking
  • Technology Adoption Trends Analysis
  • Synthesis & Insights
  • 169 market participants were identified and 6 were prioritized for benchmarking and strategic profiling.
  • 300+ case studies were benchmarked across 25 use cases.

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