Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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Battery manufacturer Industrial Digital Twin
Battery manufacturer Industrial Digital Twin
For optimum control of product quality, Banner relies on a high production depth. Its 560 production employees produce nearly all the components in¬-house that they need to make finished batteries on Banner’s six assembly lines. This includes the plastic parts for the battery cases as well as the paste-filled lead oxide grids. Their production involves two to five¬ days rest in maturing chambers to create optimum current absorption and storage capacity. Banner’s ongoing success was accompanied by a continuous, organic growth of the production facilities, adding or extending hall after hall until the complex filled the site that had seemed ever so spacious when the company moved here from a smaller place in 1959. These developments led to a heterogeneous production environment. “This confronts us with significant challenges, particularly concerning intra¬logistics issues, such as scheduling for the maturing chambers,” says Franz Dorninger, technical director at Banner. “We contemplated various ways to overcome this problem, including relocating to new premises.”
NRG Achieves Optimal Balance Between Asset Life and Performance
NRG Achieves Optimal Balance Between Asset Life and Performance
NRG power plants across the US provide about 48,000 megawatts of generation capacity, enough to power more than 38 million average households. NRG also provides retail electric service for nearly 3 million retail customers across the US. As the nation’s leading integrated power company, NRG is always working to improve operating efficiency in its power production, balancing the maintenance requirements of its GE units among the NRG fleet with a need to maximize power output to meet the needs of the bulk power markets.
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dDriven Solutions
We, a team of datapreneurs, set out on a journey with our customers to pursue excellence through data. We "Digitalize" (IIoT & Analytics) end to end business and manufacturing operations. Our customers are Fortune 500 industrial majors.
Aurelius Enterprise
Aurelius Enterprises was founded using over 20 years of hands-on experience on several engagements focusing on advanced manufacturing, analytics, IT-OT (Information Technology – Operations Technology) architecture, new product development and transformation to enable Industrie 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digital Transformation.VisionAurelius Enterprise’s vision is to enable enterprises to transform into an Industry 4.0 – Digital Enterprise, providing users with continuous insight that can be used in a dynamical and interactive manner.As we believe that the enterprise value is captured within the models creating digital twins, it enables enterprises to gain optimal benefits and continuous competitive advantage of their digital transformation, Industrie 4.0, and IIoT journey.MissionOur mission is crisp and clear: Continuous delivery of insights for the millions of experts to make smarter, better and faster decisions that can be controlled and managed during the full transformation lifecycle.
Hualong Xunda Information Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Hualong Shunda Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise with innovative capabilities of industrial application software products. Is the forerunner of equipment intelligence control technology, the pioneer of industrial VR technology and the practitioner of intelligent factory management and service integration technology.Based on intelligent control technology and based on the development trend of Internet of Things and industrial internet, the company uses powerful data acquisition technology and advanced visualization technology to promote the construction of intelligent factories in various fields such as tobacco, automobile, pharmaceuticals and nuclear power. Based on CPS theory Architecture and Digital Twin technologies help companies innovate in production and management. The company focuses on the overall solutions of intelligent factories. Its products cover two systems: "Cloud Visual Remote Control" (Industrial Internet) and "Intelligent Visual Digital Factory" (Industrial Internet of Things). The main line is CPS architecture, which is supported by digital twin technology , Research and development and implementation of intelligent equipment control system, manufacturing execution system (MES), equipment life cycle management system (PLM), HMI intelligent human-computer interaction system, enterprise mobile application management platform, edge computing intelligent terminal (machine Po) series Products, read from the information flow, data storage computing and interaction, man-machine dialogue, intelligent production control and other angles, to achieve full control of the human-machine material method of environmental monitoring, help enterprises to achieve production and operation, process, equipment management Intelligent innovation. The company uses digital twin technology to drive the construction of intelligent factories. The company applies industrial VR technology to combine "reality" and "virtuality" to realize visualization, information technology and automation from process modules such as product design, production planning, factory configuration and manufacturing Technology through the integration of the use of digital intelligent virtual factory-driven two-depth integration of the reality of the factory synchronous operation and production optimization, to provide universal and personalized combination of a variety of solutions in the cloud to achieve "smart factory" control Seamless connection and convenient service.
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