Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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Jikon focuses on providing intelligence for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing plants as a total-solution technology company providing platform, integrated development of things, intelligent terminal development and technical services, sub-industry wisdom to provide factory consulting and planning services.
DGT has pioneered domestic digital manufacturing technology and implemented China Smart Manufacturing 2025 with practical actions. DGT provide professional consulting services for enterprises, and have been focusing on digital manufacturing simulation in the automotive industry. They have formed close cooperation with many domestic and foreign automotive companies, they also have accumulated rich experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. DGT provides a one-stop solution for the design, development, integration, and delivery of intelligent equipment for general industry, helping you to improve manufacturing competitiveness accurately, quickly, and efficiently.DGT is a supporting enterprise for Made in China 2025, through the development and application of a decade of research, we have a complete intelligent manufacturing technical service capability from the enterprise information into intelligent equipment, and professional services, high-quality delivery to be your trusted partner. As Siemens Industry Software Platinum level partner, provide consultancy services and use a wealth of industry experience and advanced technology tools to help you improve manufacturing capacity; We have accumulated best practices, strict implementation of the project team to help save your plant investment, improve efficiency. We provide intelligent general industrial equipment design, development, integration, delivery of one-stop solution to help you accurately, quickly and efficiently improve manufacturing competitiveness.
Caxa Technology
Caxa Technology
Caxa is an industrial software and industrial Internet company that focuses on equipment, automotive, electronics, aerospace, education and other industries, providing intelligent manufacturing solutions based on CAD, MES, and PLM software. Caxa’s core business segments are corporate marketing, R&D, production, supply, management, digitalization, networking, and intelligence to comprehensively enhance innovative design capabilities. They assist advanced manufacturing capabilities and talent support capabilities of industrial enterprises to promote enterprise intelligent manufacturing, and achieve “Made in China 2025”.
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Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII)
Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII)
Industrial Internet is a key approach to transform and upgrade advanced manufacturing. It is also a strategic focus for China's “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus” policies. In order to accelerate the pace of Industrial Internet by joining Chinese and foreign industry forces, the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) was formed by China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR). The main objectives of AII are to: 1. Conduct structural and technological research on demand, network, data, security and industry of Industrial Internet. 2. Conduct early stage research on standards and standardization acceleration of Industrial Internet. 3. Conduct Industrial Internet testing and verification to promote technology innovation 4. Conduct pilot and demonstration projects of Industrial Internet 5. Coordinate exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad on Industrial Internet
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