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Organizations China Shanghai Fengjing Industrial Park
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Shanghai Fengjing Industrial Park

Shanghai Fengjing Industrial Park
Technology Park
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SInce it was established in 1998, Fengjing Industrial has been vigorously encouraging spirit of innovation, promoting brand building, and gathering independent brand. It has made remarable achievement after these years.
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Shanghai Fengjing Industrial Park (Shanghai Fengjing IP) consists of Shanghai Fengjing Town Industrial Zone and Xingta Industrial Zone. Textiles and related industries are the major industries in Xingta Industrial Zone. The development of Xingta Industrial Zone is boosted by neighboring regions; Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province are two of the major textile bases in China. The zone is divided into Sections A, B and C. Shanghai Textiles Industry Pilot Zone, the largest textile industry zone in Shanghai, was jointly set up in Section A in 2003 by China National Textile Industry Council, Shanghai Textile Group and the government of Jinshan District. Section B, which focuses on producing automobile parts and rice wine, has attracted investment from Maple Automobiles and Fengjing Rice Wine. Section C specializes in textile equipment manufacturing. Shanghai International Textiles Equipment Town, covering an area of 3.97 sq km, is located in Section C.
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Shanghai Local Government
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