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Samurai Incubate

Samurai Incubate
Venture Capital
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In 2008, we launched Samurai Incubate Inc. to support early-stage start-ups in the areas of management, marketing, sales, human resources, and finances. Our company invests in start-up ventures, and we also hold advisory posts and serve as external directors of some venture companies.

Whereas venture capital investment is at about 30 billion dollars in U.S. and 24 billion dollars in Europe, Japan was only at about 0.86 billion dollars (2005), and the Japanese investment ratio is only about 30 / 1. On the other hand, by the legal deregulation progresses as seen in new business laws, increasingly in the future Japanese funding is expected to expand.

Samurai Incubate Inc. was established to help companies to develop vision and strength and to realize their greater revenue potential. We support practical expertise in marketing and sales management personnel as well as clear financial strategies to monetize our start-ups.
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