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Venture Capital
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WHO ARE WE AND WHO WE PARTNER WITH The Fighters. The Believers. The Holders of the Truth. The Persistent. The Creative Minds. The Steadfast. The Calm in the Eye of the Storm. The Abundant. We look for these kinds of founders. They are not easily found. We get extremely joyful when we find them. We push boundaries. We are not the norm. We are direct. We may not be liked by all. Our style is not for everyone. To us, what matters most is, you win, we win, the world wins. The founders that we partner are just like us. Hungry overachieving wolf with deep desires to win. Many of us come from humble backgrounds. We've built businesses before joining this tribe. We have the entrepreneur mindset. We've walked the entrepreneur path. We don't care much about the limelight. We neither yearn for titles nor prestige. We just want to contribute. We value teamwork, not individualism. We condemn those who dis others with "I'm Right, You're Wrong" attitude. We have a small team. Our people have diverse strengths. We continue to make "corrections" from our mistakes. We always are mindful of our "learning experiences", for we are humans who will continue to move forward, first with the right foot, and then the left foot, not the wrong foot, until we get to the direction of our goals. (Bucky Fuller Mistake Mystique) Our network is strong. We work with Entrepreneurs all over South East Asia We are serious about our work. We have real meaning to what we do. It matters that our partners have the same. It gives us a real sense of responsibility. We partner early, as early as just an idea or a little seed. When we sense a winner, we want to be part of history and support the crucial first decisions that may have a massive exponential impact on the path of success. We are known as "educators", "incubators" and "investors", though we think differently. We are really Partners for the Long Term. We love to Support the "Courageous Build Amazing Companies, from seed or idea to expansion or growth, to IPO and beyond." We are Courageous. We are Audaciously Bold. We Play a Bigger Game. We Create Precession.
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