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Piano Industria 4.0

Piano Industria 4.0
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Piano Industria 4.0 is Italy's national industrial upgrading plan for 2017-2020, originating from the Industrie 4.0 initiative by Germany.
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Italy's Piano Industria 4.0 provides concrete measures based on three key guidelines:

- To operate based on technological neutrality logic
- To target industry horizontals and avoid vertical or sector-based measures
- To operate on enabling factors

The national plan outlines three strategic and two complementary measures:

1) Innovative Investments
- To stimulate private investment in driving adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies
- To increase private expenditure on research & development and innovation
- To expand open innovation relationships between mature companies and high-tech startups

2) Skills and Research
- To create knowledge and stimulate research on Industry 4.0 specifically through vocational training
- To finance Industry 4.0 technological clusters ad Industrial PhDs
- To create Competence Centers and Digital Innovation Hubs

3) Awareness and Governance :
- To generate interest in Industry 4.0 opportunities and create a shared public-private governance

4) Enabling Infrastructures:
- To ensure adequate network infrastructure, security and data protection, and collaborate on the development of international interoperability standards

5) Additional measures:
- To channel finance to support Industry 4.0 transformation and support public investment schemes
- To reinforce internationalization of Italian companies
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