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Organizations United States Internet Protocol (IP) for Smart Object Alliance (IPSO Alliance)
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Internet Protocol (IP) for Smart Object Alliance (IPSO Alliance)

Internet Protocol (IP) for Smart Object Alliance (IPSO Alliance)
United States
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Open Membership
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The IPSO Alliance is an open, informal and thought-leading association of like-minded organizations and individuals that promote the value of using the Internet Protocol for the networking of Smart Objects.
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Our strategy is to embrace the promise of the Internet of Things, Intelligent Autonomous Machines, and the creation of a Data Marketplace.

We desire to create a consensus-based Alliance very focused on Smart Object Model definition for the distribution and alignment with existing formal and relevant standards development organizations. We do not want to create a standalone definition or one-off standard, but rather our work effort is to create a unified open viewpoint for large scale adoption.

There is a market need and urgency for industry leadership in the definition of the next generation of Smart Objects and the IPSO Alliance is up to the challenge. No doubt, it is critical in this new era that we continue to drive towards openness and interoperability of Smart Objects, but also we need to drive towards a common understanding and method of identity and privacy.

The IPSO Alliance is updating its charter to include new generation Smart Object definitions that contain a number of additional attributes for example: Immutable Identity Model, Protocol Model, Physical Model, Data Model, Resource Model, Service Model and Autonomous Model. These attributes, combined together with references to industry standards, define the next generation IPSO Smart Object Framework.

The IPSO Alliance continues to a be focused special interest group (SIG) comprised of a diverse international membership of companies and non-profit organizations focused on developing the definition of this Smart Object Framework with an emphasis on the aspects of Identity and Privacy.
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Christian Légaré, President and Chairman, Micrium
Pete St. Pierre, Vice President, Oracle
Nick Ashworth, Treasurer, IPSO Alliance, Eaton
Jan Holler, Secretary, IPSO Alliance, Ericsson
Geoff Mulligan, Executive Director, IPSO Alliance, Proto6
Fabien Castanier, Director, IPSO Alliance, STMicroelectronics
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