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Global Standards Organization (GS1)

Global Standards Organization (GS1)
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We empower organisations to grow efficiently, sustainably and safely ― helping transform the way we work and live. Our standards enable organisations to identify, capture and share information smoothly, creating a common language that underpins systems and processes all over the world.
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GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit, international organization that develops and maintains standards for supply and demand chains across multiple sectors.

GS1 Story - It all began with a barcode...

Beep! On 26 June 1974, a packet of chewing gum became the first barcoded product to be scanned in store. Today, barcodes play a crucial supply chain role, ensuring products hit retail shelves at the right times.

We manage the barcode standard used by retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. If you want to put a barcode on an item that can be scanned anywhere in the world, you need to talk to us.

But although our story started with the barcode, our standards have evolved to reflect and influence the world in which we live and work.

They boost efficiency in many sectors, from retail and health to transport and logistics. Always working for our members, we’re opening doors and driving down the costs of doing business.
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