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Future Internet Assembly (FIA)

Future Internet Assembly (FIA)
European Union
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Open to all researchers engaged in Future Internet research
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The European Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a collaboration between projects that strengthen European activities on the Future Internet with the goal of maintaining European competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Currently FIA brings together around 150 research projects that are part of Challenge 1 of the ICT programme of FP7. These projects are advancing the state of the art in:

- The network of the future
- Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering
- Internet-connected objects
- Trustworthy ICT
- Networked Media and Search Systems
- Socio-economic considerations for the Future Internet
- Application domains for the Future Internet
- Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)

The Assembly is structured to permit open interactions and cross-fertilization across technical domains, reaching out to whoever has talent in Europe's Future Internet research community.

It works towards:

- Vision, challenges, scenarios and roadmaps for FI research.

- The development of pre-normative principles, concepts, design, architectures, recommendations and functional specifications of key FI system components and their interfaces.

- The development and maintenance of a consolidated calendar of events.

- Steering the FIA community towards a higher degree of coordination and integration of the FI research actions by improving communication and collaboration between participating communities and improving the visibility of research results.
European Commission FP7
Eurescom GmbH
Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom, FIREstation,
Mirko Presser, Alexandria Institute, IOT-I,
Michèle Wilmet, JCP-Consult, CHORUS+,
Lyndon Nixon, STI International, SOFI,
Oscar Mayora, CREATE-NET, NextMedia,
Frances Cleary, WIT TSSG, EFFECTS+,
Timo Lahnalampi, DIMES, FIREstation,
Anne-Marie Sassen, European Commission
Loretta Anania, European Commission
European Union
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