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EPCglobal is a GS1 initiative to innovate and develop industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and allow global visibility of items (EPCIS) in today's fast-moving, information rich, trading networks.
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A nonprofit organization founded by GS1 (former EAN International) and GS1 US (former UCC). It serves to spread, improve, and standardize the Radio Frequency Identification (RFDI) technology and to support communication of gathered data through the Internet.

Standards have been developed in two areas:

- EPC/RFID tags
- EPC Information Services (EPCIS)

EPCglobal also hosts GS1's Innovation Network. The Network leverages the innovative spirit of EPCglobal across a broader range of business challenges and technology solutions.

When everyone uses the same standards, it’s easier to get things done. Just imagine if we didn’t have a standard way to measure time or distance.

It’s the same with our supply chain standards. They define ways to store and transfer data so organisations can exchange information smoothly.

Supply chain standards save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork. Largely unseen, yet tremendously important, GS1 standards ensure key processes run smoothly in some of the world’s biggest industries.
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