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China LoRa Application Alliance

China LoRa Application Alliance
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
The China LoRa Application Alliance ("CLAA") aims to expand the use and development of the LoRa protocol in China, building a complete wide area LoRa ecosystem that is affordable.
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The CLAA is an open NGO which aims to accelerate the development and adoption of the LoRa connectivity protocol. There are several duties that the CLAA is committed to:

1. Understanding the needs of IIoT players committed to the LoRa Alliance and the CLAA
2. Establishing a common standard for easy adoption and also, easy entry into the ecosystem
3. Integration of cloud-based technologies in China and expansion of the network range
4. Facilitate multi-lateral cooperations and strategic alliances to optimise benefits of utilising LoRa.
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